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Why us

Mr suriya (sunny) sunam  is one of Chiang Mai’s leading tailor with over 29 years of experience with mens’ and ladies Bespoke Tailoring. To ensure the perfect fit, Mr SUNNY takes more than 27 body measurements. With a style of your choice, the perfect suit is stitched. Mr sunny has delivered perfectly fitting garments to over thousands of customers from various countries in his many years in the business, and will be happy to provide references and recomendations.

Mr sunny  has great experience in bespoke tailoring for gents and ladies. Mr sunny pays great attention to detail, from the fineness of its stitching to the perfectly engineered fit of the suit.With a deep understanding of style and bespoke tailoring, Mr sunny  provides advice on clothing styles that would best meet your needs. His dedication, has won him satisfied customers locally and internationally.

  • Hand-embroidered initials or your full name inside jacket

  • Hand-picked and matched linings and buttons

  • Functional button holes on sleeves

  • Additional inside pockets

  • Different color linings on the inside of your jacket

  • Different color piping on the inside of your jacket

  • A tapered fit that you CANNOT get off the rack

  • Should time be a consideration, Than fittings can be undertaken in your hotel room.

  • Guaranteed  “No obligation” policy… if you are not satisfied with the choice of materials. You will not be expected to buy.

  • Once you have tried our shop. You will trust our service forever.